Why toddler+restaurant =disaster

kid in restaurant

Think it’s a piece of cake? You’re in denial.

I have to tell you what happens when you try to take a baby or toddler into a restaurant: People at nearby tables actually get up and beg the waiter to let them sit somewhere–anywhere–else. I have seen diners plead with headwaiters and shell out wads of dollars so they could sit next to the Dumpster rather than endure what your little one is going to put them through. They are probably smart to do this. At least with the Dumpster, you know what to expect. With a small child, anything could happen

20 chores your toddler will love – Part 2


11. It is really amazing that many teens don’t know how to wash their own laundry–a skill that a toddler can begin to learn. Sorting laundry into categories such as whites, lights, and darks help children practice skills they will need in learning to read, write, and do math. If you give them their own child-size laundry basket, they will feel ownership of their own clothing, and they can transport it to and from the laundry area. If your toddler still has accidents, a nonchalant, practical attitude can make the cleanup easier for you and your toddler. Even a two-year-old can take soiled bedclothes or clothing to the laundry